Me and my sibilings

I’m a senior at the University of Cincinnati. Creating new projects, working with technology, and learning are all my passions. I’m enrolled in a combined Bachelors/Masters of Computer Science and am graduating in spring of 2021.

To view my resume, click here.


Before I enrolled in college, I was involved in various projects from independent work, research projects, volunteering at local high schools. I aspire to better myself and those around me through the use of technology and education.

I have interned at companies including Microsoft, Intuit, Infinera, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital which you can read more about on my professional page.


My interests include piano, baking, programming and education. Many of the project I work on reflect my interests and I have made a blog on this website dedicated to these projects and hobbies. This website shows my interests and exemplifies what I have been able to do over the past few years.


INTP Kitty

Click here or on the kitten for more info about my personality type. I am an INTP personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I find this to be fairly accurate and see myself as an introverted person who focuses on my creativity and solving problems. Such as designing this website or any of my other projects on my github page.