Project Cage - Global Game Jam 2021 icon

Project Cage - Global Game Jam 2021

Project for Game Jam 2021 with IGDA with other students at UC. Working Title: Project Cage
Blender Interface icon

Blender Interface

Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing icon

Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing

I attended Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing with other UC students as a male ally.
Grace Hopper Celebration icon

Grace Hopper Celebration

I got a scholarship from to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 to support women in computing as a male ally.
Bark Bark icon

Bark Bark

A location based social media app developed for software engineering class during summer 2018. This project is hosted on the domain
ISCB 2018 Poster icon

ISCB 2018 Poster

A poster that my co workers while working at Cincinnat Children's Hospital Medical Center presented at the 2018 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference.
Bubble Shooter icon

Bubble Shooter

JavaScript based web browser game.
Medina icon


I attempted to use neural networks to create an AI to play a board game, Medina. This project is implemented using python and default graphics libraries.
MIDI Improvisor icon

MIDI Improvisor

As part of the Hackathon at UC in october 2016, I worked with Vuong Khuat and Wyatt French to create a program that would take a lead sheet and compose a full song.
Player Count Message icon

Player Count Message

A software modification for minecraft servers to allow players the ability to modify the server's look in the load screen.
Minecraft Playscape Project icon

Minecraft Playscape Project

Minecraft Playscape at The University of Cincinnati (UC) Arlitt. I designed software to track kids' actions in the Video Game Minecraft and later interpret the data as part of a research project. This project was later presented at the 2014 IT@UC conference.
Java Projects icon

Java Projects

Some projects of games I made using java to familiarize myself with the Java programming language.