Chess, Duke, Qwirkle and Acquire Games implemented in Java. Below are screenshots of the GUIs of these games being played. Acqurie is uploaded to my Github account. I completed these random projects to make board games as more of a hobby but it introduced me to programming and allowed me to solve some quite complicated graphical problems.


Acquire Game

Acquire is a game made by Avalon Hill, for a full description of the project, go to its github page.


Chess Game

This is simply a classic game of chess, nothing special.


Duke Game

This is a game published by Catalyst Game Labs and is similar to chess but has varied pieces and turn options.


Quirkle Game

Qwirkle is a simple pattern matching game published by MindWare. I used this game as a project in one of my classes in high school and helped the teacher instruct the other students by building GUI elements while the other students coded sections of the game.