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Unity DOTS PropHunt

Fifth and final honors experience about making Unity project using data-oriented programming and project management

Fourth Year in Review

Fourth Year Review (2019-2020) for University Honors Program

Third Year in Review

Third Year Review (2018-2019) for University Honors Program

Second Year in Review

Second Year Review (2017-2018) for University Honors Program
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Japan Trip

After my coop at Infinera, I traveled to Japan for a study tour with other UC students for two weeks. I had fully recovered from my injury and was ready for a new experience.
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Accessibility on UC Campus

In fall of last year, I tore my meniscus doing everyday activities and needed to get surgery to repair the injury. This experience is me reflecting upon the experience and the effect it has had on me.

First Year in Review

First Year Review (2016-2017) for University Honors Program
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Bearcat Coders

For my first Honors Experience, I decided to take a larger involvement in the Association for Computing Machinery, Women's Chapter (ACM-W) and their program to help teach coding to local high school students at Hughes STEM High School.
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Treachery Project

For my second honors experience, I worked with some of my fellow students to create a video game based on the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill.
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Gateway to University Honors

As part of the honors curriculum, I had to take the gateway to honors course. This is the introductory course to University Honors Program at UC. To read more about my experience, click the link above.