Project Example

Player Count Message (pcm) is a ‘plugin’ for minecraft bukkit software. A plugin is a collection of java files that changes how the minecraft software interacts with users. This plugin created an animated message that appeared on the player’s screen when the decided whether or not to connect to the server. The plugin is hosted on Bukkit’s forums. The project page gives a more detailed explanation on how the project functions and what the program does. Below is an image of the project in action (animated of course). An update to the software prevented the feature that allowed animated messages and discouraged further development.

Then the project was abandoned and the source code was added to the github. The project is uploaded to github in two formats for the bungee server software and the bukkit server software. The project has been downloaded over 45,000 times as of November 2016. In addition, the project has been translated into over 5 different languages by people who wanted to promote and use the plugin. Below are pictures of the youtube videos showing how to use the translated plugin.This pagehas a list of the youtube videos that translate the plugin into different languages. pcm bukkit github | pcm bungee github

Tutorial Videos Made by Users

Tutorial video by lockeMinecraft (que1124)

Tutorial video by VariationVault

Tutoriel vidéo par GAmerHD Quatre

Tutorial de vídeo por Yan Francisco Pérez

Видео урок от BOBARA333BG