Skills Used

  • AWS
  • Apache Kafka
  • Java
  • Springboot
May 2019 to Aug 2019 at Intuit

I worked at intuit as part of the Mint team. I was working on the backend notification system using Java, SpringBoot, and AWS. My project for the summer was setting up a Kafak Connector that would read entries from a database and forward them as notifications to users. An example of this would be whenever a data analysis pipeline stored events in a database, this connector would read out new events in the database at a rate of 1000x per minute to send notifications.

A big portion of the project was throttling the system and monitoring how many events were being sent. The system could only handle a fixed number of messages pre minute from all services so my system had to have a configurable messaging rate and not overwhelm other existing systems.

I must say I really enjoyed living in the bay area while completing this internship. Intuit was quite supportive and helped establish a community amount the interns while we were working at intuit.


  • Developed a high performance networking tool with Kafka, Maven, H2, SQL, Redis, S3, AWS, and Java
  • Shipped and tested a user interface to modify server state and configuration with React and Redux
  • Increased functional, unit, performance and integration testing for projects from 0% to 100% coverage
  • Deployed a service for continuous integration and deployment with Jenkins, AWS, docker, and Github